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Difference between medium

Difference between medium

When most people think about grow mediums or media they think of soil. And while soil is great and perhaps the best for beginners, most growers move away from it after awhile. There are three main types of grow mediums.

Grow Medium Summary:

  • Soil - Traditional, most common (meaning most information out there), beginner friendly, and produces buds with a strong flavor.

  • Hydroponics (re-circulating) - Takes the most effort to grow, but makes up for it with fastest and largest yields that produce the most potent bud. Highest setup cost, but if you factor in yield, it’s the cheapest in the long run.

  • Soilless (drain-to-waste) - Plants can grow better than in soil, great control while being easier to grow than hydro. Great at being middle of the road between the two others in pretty much every facet.  

All three are great for growing and can grow hardy plants that deliver incredible yields. A lot comes down to budget and personal preference. So how about we find you the best grow medium for you.