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When to harvest?

When to harvest?

Sometime in mid-flowering, you’ll start to notice that the “pistils” start turning orange and curl in on themselves. You should see trichomes on your buds and they will most likely look quite clear with maybe a few cloudy ones.

Trichomes go through three stages: clean, cloudy, and amber. You want to harvest when the majority of your trichomes are cloudy. You’ll also probably have an even mix of clear and amber trichomes as well. You’ll need a magnifier and have to get up and personal to see this.

I strongly advise, no I completely believe, that you should not harvest off pistil color alone. Some growers harvest when they have a plant whose hairs are about 50-70% orange. But different strains waver on their amount of gingery-ness.

So don’t judge off pistil color alone, and don’t worry you can find a jeweler’s loupe off amazon for less than $10 bucks that will easily allow you to see your trichomes. Make sure to buy one with a light and has a magnification of at least 30-60X.